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Homemade Almond Butter

This week on the Use-’em-Up show, we’re tackling the bags of nuts in the freezer.  I love nut butters and I used to make them all the time, but I’ve been enjoying Costco’s peanut butter for awhile and haven’t wanted to make as much noise as making nut butter makes, honestly.  With The Toddler running around it’s hard to do anything like that when she’s awake and impossible when she’s asleep.  It’s loud, so prepare yourself.

To start, you need toasted almonds, toasted cashews, toasted hazelnuts, whatever.  They just need to be toasted.  To toast almonds, set your oven to 375˚, spread your whole almonds on a sheet pan in a single layer, bake for 10-12 minutes, and allow to cool.  Times and procedures vary depending on the nut, but this is a good starting point for most nuts.

Now’s when it gets noisy.  If you happen to have a burr grinder, clean it and use it.  I’ll assume that is not the case here.  So get out your food processor, put it together, and pour your almonds into the bowl only filling to halfway or less.  Now, turn it on.  Loud, huh?  I know you want to stand there and watch it, waiting for the creamy deliciousness to appear, but go do something else for five minutes and come back.




It will be loud, but it will get quieter as the pieces get smaller.  After five minutes check to see that everything is staying down in the bowl and not sticking to the sides.  If it is sticking, scrape the bowl to get everything back in place.  Turn it back on for another five minutes.  It will be creamy, but still a little coarse when it’s done.

I made a lot, so it’s in a bug container, but I usually store it in a jar.  It won’t separate and it doesn’t need to be refrigerated unless you like cold nut butter, which I do.  Make yourself a piece of toast and spread some of this on there with slices of banana.  Or cut up an apple and dip the wedges.  Or just eat it by the spoonful because you survived another week.  Enjoy!

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