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Knitting a Washcloth (Pattern)

Welcome to Monday on All The Amandas!  Our weekend was mad, this morning has been busy, and it’s almost nap time/Mommy’s workout time!  I worked on a couple projects this weekend, but I finished one knit washcloth using a pattern my Mom gave me.  Basically the easiest pattern ever, but I managed to make mistakes several times because I don’t pay close enough attention to what I’m doing.  I’m working on that.


#9 needles, cotton yarn

Cast on 3

K2 YO knit to end of row

Repeat to 45 total stitches

K1 K2tog YO K2tog knit to end of row

Repeat to 4 stitches

K2tog K2tog

Bind off

The yarn over creates the window along the edges.

The rest is garter stitch and it turned out with a nice, gentle texture…


I ordered some pretty gray cotton yarn to knit into dishcloths for our kitchen and there will be more white washcloths coming soon.  It’s a simple pattern, but I’m still learning, so being easily distracted makes the work that much harder.  It also doesn’t help that if I’m sitting doing anything other than paying total attention to the toddler I get assaulted.  And she loves nothing more than to chew on knitting needles!

We’re battling discipline issues and trying to encourage so-called independent play.  I hear different things all the time about what it means to discipline a toddler, which methods work, how and when to employ each strategy.  And I know each child is unique, but it seems like nothing works and we’re just pushing against a brick wall.  Will she grow out of it?  Yes, I suppose.  Do I worry that I’m doing the wrong things?  All the time.  Am I entirely convinced that my daughter is the only difficult child on earth?  Yes.  We’re out of our depth here, but we’re working on all of it.

I’ll get a couple other posts in this week about a survival bracelet I crocheted and some more minimizing I’ve done with the change of seasons.  Yay, it’s almost unbearable humidity time!

Until the next time…

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