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Crochet Pencil Case

I did a quick crochet project this weekend in between running errands: a pencil case for my niece.

Her birthday was actually this weekend and I did send a card (it was a cute interactive card with stickers, so that’s something) but it didn’t occur to me to make her something until it was clearly too late.  It’s the thought that counts, you know.  And she’s still going to get the thing.  I’m sure I’ll ship it this week, probably…

The pattern called for colors that make it look like an actual pencil, but her favorite colors are pink and purple, so I used this pink ombre I’ve had for awhile and used for random things.  I think it looks cool, but I like pink, too.  I found the pattern on Yarnspirations:

It was easy and quick, so just what I needed on a weekend when things were pretty rushed around here.  Josh’s schedule has been shifting and he went from having three days off to only two, which is no biggie, but it threw off our whole rhythm for the week.  It’s going to change again, then we’ll be getting ready to move, buy a new house, rent our current house, he’ll be starting a new job…  First world problems, I know.

I’m doing another purge, so I’ll talk more about that this week.  Sell textbooks, donating books, selling clothes, donating random stuff, it’s all good for the soul.  Now, time to vacuum.

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