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First FINISHED Knitting Project

Well, that might be a tiny exaggeration.  I finished one of two pieces that will be the entire project.  It’s a small project, but it’s the first one I’ve finished since teaching myself how to knit.  I have played around with various sized needles and yarn, but I always ended up frogging the whole thing and either starting over or deciding I had ‘learned’ enough.  But last week I had a breakthrough: the technique as a whole finally clicked.  The right side versus wrong side, how to hold the yarn and needles, how much tension to have.  I’m still learning and developing my skills, but I figure I should have something to show for it, hence these curtain tie-backs.  IMG_2163

Our toddler has blackout curtains in her room, which we usually keep open with clothes pins, not the most elegant choice.  When I started using this yarn (which I think is the Vanna White Lion Brand from Joann) I just practiced my stockinette stitch.  It was looking pretty good, so I thought about what I could hypothetically be making and here we are with curtain ties.  I will make a second to match for the other curtain, but I’m excited to see something that’s done!  It was all curled and looked like a rope, so I added a half-double crochet to the edges, which didn’t completely stop the curling, but helped and looks nice.  I picked up these pretty buttons (also Joann) while waiting in the queue to get fabric cut and voila! nice looking accent piece for otherwise boring curtains.  Go me.


Here’s a close-up of the button and crochet detail:


It’s a really pretty yarn and I hadn’t come up with a use for it yet, so this worked out nicely.  I’m still slow at knitting, especially because my hands get cold and tired after awhile, but I’ll get the other one done this week and maybe make a few more for our guest room curtains.  After that, I’m making a bunch of hearts for a group I’m involved with and finishing my afghan.  That should take us right up to moving time, then I’ll have a project space I can completely fill with yarn and fabric!  And I can start composting, gardening, beekeeping…  I just hope we find a house with a yard big enough for my dreams.  Have a good Monday and stay warm.

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  1. These look great. I would never have thought about using knitting for tie backs. I might have a go myself but with crochet.

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