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Let’s Be Real About Sewing

Okay.  I made a shirt.  It turned out terrible.  I’m not exaggerating, it looked awful and was not something anyone would wear willingly.  There were okay things about it like it hung nicely, the sleeves were both the same length, and it did look vaguely like the picture on the package.  But I’m new at this and it really just didn’t work.  I ripped out some of the stitches so I can try again with the most obvious flaws, but I’ve set my sights on something simpler: reusable shopping bags.

I didn’t photograph the finished product because nobody wanted to see that, but I took a few more pictures of the process.

That mint-colored piece on the sleeve was odd.  It reminded me of shoulder pads when it was all done, the bottom edge poking out just a bit to create a broad, triangular look.  The thing that caused the most trouble was the collar, which stood almost straight up when I finished and didn’t fit around the head hole, so there was fabric bunched at the arm seams.  I ripped that right out and will try again with two pieces instead of one to increase my chance of success.  So I’ll attempt to finish it soon, once I’ve recovered from the dejection I felt after I finished the first draft and my hopes were dashed.  If I never mention it again, assume it was sacked and look out for shopping bags!

I have finally gotten the hang of knitting, though!  I was having trouble understanding the ‘right side’ versus ‘wrong side’ thing and kept getting turned around.  But I had a breakthrough and have been on a roll!  I’m making a hat for my Dad for next winter (or this winter if its attitude doesn’t change and it lasts until June) and two ties for the curtains in our daughter’s room, currently being wrangled with clothes pins.

It’s warm and windy here today, but it should be cooler the next few days, so I’ve got corn chowder and Japanese curry on the menu this week.  Tonight is likely to be grilled vegetables with brie on toast for me and a black bean burger for J.  Then we’ll go for our long walk and start a fire in our outside fireplace.  Don’t be jealous, we only do the fire about twice a year because it’s so time-consuming.  And because it’s too hot for any kind of fire most of the year.  Too hot for anything most of the year, actually.  That’s the south for you: barely any winter, insufferable pollen dumps all spring, summers that feel like they’re trying to melt your body, and Indian summer.  Not cool enough for long enough, no wonder I miss the snow.

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