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First Sewing Project

I started my first project on Friday and haven’t had time since then to work on it.  I don’t have a dedicated space for my projects, so I’m parked on the large peninsula we have in our kitchen.  Luckily most meals are eaten standing up because our ‘dining room’ is actually an office.  Our house is a little odd…

Yesterday was errand day, then I had my Grandmother’s afghan I’ve been meaning to repair, and the kiddo to amuse, so the day just got away from me.  The nice thing about having my project space right in the kitchen is that I can’t ignore it or forget about it.  I’m making a baseball shirt with a cream body and mint-colored shoulders.  It will be drapey and the interlock fabric is super soft.  I got all the pieces cut and the front and back are sewn together.  I did okay, I think.  Only a couple problems with my machine, which I’m still learning to use, and I ran out of thread.  But I’m feeling good about the whole thing!  I got a few progress pics, too.





I also got new dressmaker’s scissors, which I’ll show off when I actually have a chance to use them.

Today will be spent playing with the kiddo and finishing an infinity scarf, then getting my workout in and watching The Americans!  If you haven’t seen this show, I don’t know what you’re doing with your life, but it would be better if you watched this show.

Happy Sunday!

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