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Learning to Sew


I have recently become obsessed with arts and crafts, like crochet, knitting, and now sewing.  I took a home economics class when I was in the seventh grade which was (gulp) twenty years ago, and haven’t given it much thought since then.  I suppose somewhere in the back of my mind I thought I’d eventually learn these skills, but I just didn’t try.  My Mom can do pretty much anything and she’s been crocheting afghans and sewing curtains for me all my life.  I should have asked her to teach me sooner, but better late than never, which brings me to now.

I’ll share more about the crocheting and knitting later, but sewing is the thing I want to master this month.  I’m not good at just practicing these kinds of skills, I need a goal to stay motivated, a project.  Well, today I started two with the purchase of fabric and patterns!  My next goal is to take in several pants that are too big for me now, but I’d like to try my luck at a knit t-shirt to replace one that has shrunk in the dryer and become a crop-top and a dress for the toddler.  I think I understand my sewing machine well enough to figure out that part, but I’m gonna have to call in reinforcements (Mom) to understand all the prep work.  So, stay tuned!  There will probably be funny pictures, maybe funny videos, tips & tricks I pick up along the way, and hopefully some finished products no one would be embarrassed to wear out in public (fingers crossed).

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